Mushroom air purifier table lamp
Mushroom air purifier table lamp
Mushroom air purifier table lamp
Mushroom air purifier table lamp

Mushroom air purifier table lamp

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Introducing the Mushroom Air Purifier Table Lamp, a small yet powerful desk lamp that achieves super dust removal, sterilization, and fresh air effects by releasing a large amount of negative ions. This lamp is equipped with a mushroom-shaped design that will create a jungle-like feeling in your space, while its touch-sensitive stepless adjustment switch allows you to adjust the brightness at will.
With 8 * 1 million / cm3 high concentration of negative ions generated per second, this lamp offers a remarkable effect of dust removal, sterilization, and air purification. However, please note that due to its small size, full room purification may not be achievable in large areas.
Its 48 high-brightness LED lamp beads provide ample illumination for reading and learning, making it a versatile addition to any workspace. The Mushroom Air Purifier Table Lamp also features a promise adjustment switch that lets you adjust the brightness to your liking. Use it as a table lamp during the day, and as a night lamp to meet your sleep needs. Its compact size of 17.7cm in diameter and 21.1cm in height makes it perfect for use on a desk or bedside table.
Not only does this lamp have the practical function of air purification, but it also adds a touch of beauty to your home space. Its efficient and energy-saving LED lights provide zero radiation, ensuring long life and no need to replace accessories.
Please note that this product does not include a power plug, and the air purification function can only be used when an external power supply is available. The built-in rechargeable battery is for lighting use only.
Experience the remarkable benefits of air purification and illumination with the Mushroom Air Purifier Table Lamp. Its stunning design and practical function make it a must-have addition to any home or office.

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